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North Carolinia Tobacco Stick History

Tobacco was a staple crop in the mountains of North Carolina for decades and therefore tobacco sticks represent an important piece of history. The "Tobacco Stick" was used to hang the tobacco plants from the barn rafters to dry. However, Tobacco sticks served many purposes on the farm other than hanging tobacco because of their availability, shape, strength, and sizes.
We handcraft a lot of our gift items from old tobacco sticks harvested from our family barn in NC. One item in particular is the very popular BURLIN basket.
Use stopped in the early 1970's with the coming of the mechanical harvesters and most have been destroyed after the Government buyouts of small Tobacco farms, leaving only the big corporate farms allowed to grow Tobacco in the U.S. All of which use machines and bulk racks to harvest and cure Tobacco. Only about 1/2 % are estimated to remain. A piece of heritage soon to be gone.