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Nestled in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina, the Higdon’s are busy working on their small farm, making wood crafts and goods mostly derived from the land on which they live. The photo above was taken only a few miles from the Higdon's family farm and woodshop.
Inspirations From Nature gifts are mostly handmade by Millie and Myron Higdon and other family members. One particular item, the BURLIN basket, is truly unique. You see the BURLIN, respectfully named after Millie’s deceased father, is a fruit & vegetable garden harvesting basket handcrafted from old tobacco sticks that have been stored in Burlin's barn for decades.
We handcraft a lot of our gift items from old tobacco sticks harvested from our family barn in NC. One item in particular is the very popular BURLIN basket.
Years ago North Carolina was known as a “Tobacco State” and most of the folks in Graham County owned land and farmed tobacco as a way of life. However, as the popularity of the tobacco industry decreased, the barns that were once a family necessity were no longer needed and currently serve mostly for the purpose of storing lawn equipment, tillers and tractors that families need to manage their small home grown vegetable gardens.
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