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One day after visting the family barn, the Hidgon's concluded that the hundreds of old tobacco sticks that were once used to hang tobacco leaves to dry in the barn, shouldn’t just go to waste. After all, they were also a significant part of the history of NC. Much to their delight, after years of lying in the barn unused, the strength of the tobacco sticks had endured and the weathered look and stains produced on the wood as a result of the tobacco leaves only added to their character.
We handcraft a lot of our gift items from old tobacco sticks harvested from our family barn in NC. One item in particular is the very popular BURLIN basket.
Each BURLIN basket or other gift item that has been handcrafted using these tobacco sticks is truly one of a kind with some history crafted into each one.
Please visit our Gift Items Catalog section for additional information on each item that we handcraft and to make a purchase from our online Etsy storefront.